Creativity, Innovation And Disruption?

“Nuestro genio creativo es la fuente de originalidad. Se dispara nuestra compulsión a evolucionar. Nos inspira a cuestionar las normas. El genio creativo está a punto para volar a nuevas alturas en alas no probados. Es sobre el peligro de que se caiga. Es amorfo, mágico, inconmensurable e impredecible. ” -Gordon MacKenzie ‘orbitando la bola de pelo gigante’


“It was-is-what I was made for: disruption of routine.  Not pointless disruption.  Disruption with purpose.”  -Gordon MacKenzie ‘Orbiting the Giant Hairball’

There has been much talk in recent times in regards to creativity, innovation and disruption.  While many definitions abound in regards to these terms, we each still seem to have our own internal idea of what they are…and what they’re not.  And the goal of this piece is not to try and define them, but to maybe get you to put on a different lens and approach them from another perspective.

I believe we’ve come to see the three words not only working in unison, but in that exact order.

Creativity.  Innovation.  Disruption

Creativity comes first.  It is where ideas are spawned…those moments of insight when we’ve persevered through, where all the dot-connecting and cross-pollinating of ideas and thinking has led to something new, something novel, something wonderful…something we…

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